EX Fabric Wins second Annual Product Design Award


Touted by judges as “lightweight, contemporary, and customizable,” the EZ Fabric Wall System is an anodized-aluminum wall framework that accepts both pliable, tensioned-fabric graphics and rigid panel displays. Available in standard sizes of 39-by-93 inches, 32.5-by-93 inches, and 19.5-by-93 inches, the modular system can be configured to form towers, conference rooms, storage spaces, back walls, and complete island or in-line booths. “We love the contemporary look of this system,” judges said. “The myriad configurations and applications make it a good solution for just about any exhibitor.” It includes a curved wall and an adjustable corner-angle option, which adjusts to angles ranging from 45 to 180 degrees, to accommodate numerous designs. The EZ Fabric Wall System is available in welded walls, which are shipped whole, or locked walls, which can be broken down for economical shipping. Plus, it’s compatible with a variety of accessories, such as internal- and stem-lighting options, shelves, and a light- and sound-blocking layer.