Virtual Exhibits are immersive, experiential, and typically self-guided. Virtual exhibits allow you to connect with potential clients in a virtual space, often in real-time, and share product literature, videos, surveys, chat, social media links, and presentations. They can function like a trade show, but do not have to. They can be easily updated or changed as things change. A website add-on to create brand cohesiveness.


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Some Virtual experience options:

  • 3D Animation
  • Live Chat
  • Integrated meetings
  • Facility Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Pre-recorded messages from management
  • Interactive Tours
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Add-on to your website
  • Links to Social Media
  • Interactive games
  • Lead capturing
  • Analytics

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Step to get started:

Step 1: Schedule a capabilities presentation to learn about all your options

Here we will provide a 90,000 foot overview of virtual solutions and interactive experiences that we have created. You will learn that you are NOT limited to a "tradeshow" space or experience. 

One example you will see is a 360 degree Stadium Facility Tour. Here you can "click" links to see different areas of the facility (i.e. locker rooms, Lobby, bar etc).

Step 2:  Schedule a Discovery Meeting

Here we explore what you would like your users experience to be. Learn about your branding objectives, goals, timeline, budget and a lot more.

Step 3. We determine a plan

Here we will begin to dive into the specific details. Creating a wish-list for the experience. Exploring how the users will navigate and interact in the space. Create a plan for the functional content. Determine a time-line.

Step 4: Virtual Exhibit Begins

We will begin the design phase based on all the information that we have gathered. Start creating your virtual exhibit.  Prepare and submit any content needed from the client. Confirm time-line. Review estimate.

Step 5: Finalize and Implement Experience

Review and approve the virtual experience. Make any adjustments needed.