Here are just three of the reasons..

  1. To introduce new products, programs, or concepts... so provide outstanding solutions that showcase their products or service
  2. To create high visibility branding... so create unique and eye-catching graphic presentations
  3. To benefit from face-to-face marketing... so build inviting environments to increase these opportunities

CEIR studies show that 82% of exhibition attendees have buying influence or are decision-makers
CEIR also reports that 77% of all qualified attendees represent a new potential customer

Simmons Market Research Bureau found that 91% of respondents rank trade shows as “extremely useful” as a source for product purchasing information

Renting an exhibit is often the best answer because...Iit can reduce exhibit costs as much as 60% eliminating many of the cost of onwership such as higher purchase price, storage, refurbishment, etc.

  1. The cost comes out of a different budget, no capital expense
  2. It maximizes flexibility and variety with almost unlimited rental options
  3. It is a great solution for conflicting or back-to-back show schedules

Here’s a thought: Successful companies find opportunities where everyone else sees crisis.

Reduce your show costs by as much as 60% by renting large booths instead of purchasing to own. Bella Creative now rents the exciting Lumiture booths. Schedule your show, and just show up - your booth will be waiting for you.

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The 20x20' island exhibit shown utilizes the Lumiture edge lighting (built into the structural extrusion). Graphics are shown as either backlit dyesublimated engineered fabric, or dyesub scrim with a pierce-through counter. It's interesting to note the 8' wide low Lumiture counter serves both the interior space as well as the aisle side of this island exhibits. 

Mounted Plasma monitors are carried securely on Luminents posts, with all electrical and video cables chased through the extrusion and wire grommets for a clean presentation.Lumiture island display