Do you have a large LCD Monitor that you would like to bring to event?  Have no fear the Standroid is here! 
Easy to transport and takes up to a 52 inch monitor and for for added impact can be used with many fabric displays.  Takes minutes to set up.
Wrinkle resistant dye sublimated graphic. 

Most people still believe that going green is diametrically opposed to maximizing profits, but is that really true? It has been a common misconception in the business world that going green is costly and complicated, while in reality, study after study has proven conclusively that businesses who adopt green initiatives become more profitable and experience an increase in efficiency and productivity. Take as evidence this article from Newsweek, printed in September of 2008:

Recent studies have indicated that companies that score well on various environmental metrics also demonstrate above-average return on investment and stock performance. Other analysis done by groups such as KLD Research has drawn a connection between how capable and innovative a management team is and how Eco-friendly its business is. That makes sense. Innovative management teams are one step ahead of the competition and think strategically about the next wave. Companies such as Staples and DuPont that saw resource and regulatory issues on the horizon a few years ago are now reaping the rewards. Others, such as Google, have long understood that if they used less energy, they could satisfy both their need to do good and their desire to do well. Google has sought more efficient ways to manage the energy drain of its massive server network, and that has been one more secret of its success.

Going green does not necessarily require a huge investment either.  Take this example from the same Newsweek article which details how Walmart adapted green processes out of economic necessity and subsequently reaped huge benefits in terms of public relations as well as profitability:

Consider Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott, who has quickly turned his controversial retailer into a poster child for environmentally aware business. To maintain its razor-thin margins at a time of record oil prices, which are raising the cost of importing goods from China, Wal-Mart has radically altered how its products are made and how they're transported. One example: making detergent more concentrated, which leads Wal-Mart suppliers to use smaller plastic containers, which in turn use less petroleum to manufacture those containers, which can then be shipped with more containers in each carton, which leads to less cardboard, which makes it possible to transport more units on each ship or truck, which then reduces the amount of gas used to get those units from the factory to Wal-Mart outlets. The result: Wal-Mart maintains margins and reduces its resource consumption as well as that of its suppliers.

Even small steps can garner huge rewards and we believe our Magnetix Pop-Up Displays are a great opportunity to join the green revolution while saving your business money.


Bella Creative is pleased to announce the launch of Chameleon the ultimate choice in changeable portable banner displays that has the ability to alter it's shape, and change it's skin style just like it's counterpart in nature.

Chameleon combines with an integral suite of add on feature components allowing the Chameleon display to evolve from an innovative banner stand into a stand alone Multimedia display, Kiosk or POP display as required.


Feature accessories include a Wide screen 19" LCD display combined with an internal drive that is low voltage, low energy consumption, fully remote controlled and can play movies or slide shows with audio. Additionally there is integral low voltage lighting, product display shelves as well as a range of literature dispensers.

All components are lightweight and of the highest quality making each Chameleon portable and durable. All the different Chameleon displays require no specialist knowledge or tools for rapid self assembly in around six minutes. They vary in size from 32 - 38" wide and are 84" tall. Individual Chameleon displays are lightweight enough that they can be carried into an event by hand.

The Chameleon can be used as a simple but elegantly styled graphic banner stand in any of it's many unique forms or can be designed to suit a custom shape if required. This ability to "blend" into it's surroundings also makes it an ideal solution for those planning larger concept booths.

Lights, movement, and colorful trade show graphics . . . these are the secrets to getting noticed.  Our Segue Frames  can be mounted to the wall and can be bent in to almost any shape.  Just let us know the shape. They can also be back lit.

Graphics detach in seconds so you can easily change your marketing campaign.

Custom Segue triangle GraphicCustom Segue Triangle Frame

Honda Billboard with SMS and bluetooth interaction

This billboard appeared in Dublin for Honda, where customers could “start” the car by texting to an SMS shortcode and could also download information by Bluetooth. The campaign was created by GT Media and JC Decaux using technology provided by Púca.

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